NSW Building Inspections | New Home | Construction Inspections
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New Home | Construction Inspections

Having a new home built is the single biggest investment you will ever make, you need to ensure that you’re getting the quality and finish your paying for and that you aren’t unknowingly getting a poorly built home that develops defects with the potential to cost you thousands in rectifications and repairs in the future, not to mention the effect they could have on the resale value of your home.

To protect your investment and ensure long term satisfaction, quality and peace of mind, Enlist in NSW Building Inspection Services to be your independent judge on the quality and finish being constructed into your new home, we specialise in providing independent inspections of new homes whilst they are under construction, at the handover stage and during their contracted maintenance period. You may wish to book any of the critical stage inspections individually or as recommended, every critical stage inspection as a package which generally coincide with the builders progress claims.

Don’t let your dream home or investment pass all the inspections with minimal requirements, defects that go unnoticed by council/certifiers at their critical stage inspections or mistakes covered up by trades. Our highly qualified inspectors can pick up on what the untrained eye can’t see and having a building background know all the tricks trades people use to try and cover up mistakes and defects.