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About Company
All our inspectors have an uncompromising well trained eye for detail, each possessing over 20 years hands on experience in the building industry and are fully versed and up to date with the Building Code of Australia, all relevant Australian Standards along with acceptable standards and tolerances.
Our Mission Statement

NSW Building Inspection Services are dedicated to delivering the highest quality, accurate, unbiased and easy to read inspection reports which will help you make an informed decision and give you peace of mind.

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To help protect your investment and ensure long term satisfaction, quality and piece of mind enlist in NSW Building Inspection Services…

NSW Building Inspection Services will carry out both building and pest inspections in the one visit and report on the condition of the property…

This specialised building inspection report notes the condition of the property and any pre-existing issues or defects to the property…

A dilapidation report documents the existing condition of surrounding properties prior to and after completion of new residential and commercial buildings…

Engaging NSW Building Inspection Services to assess the situation could put your mind at ease, in our report we will explain why we think the problem…

Our Services

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Pre-Purchase Building & Pest Inspections

Pre-Lease Inspection Reports

Building & Pest Inspections


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